What is a Future Reality Tree (FRT)?

An idea is not yet a solution

Finding an injection a breakthrough idea that can free us from the devastating grip of the conflict is just the first step.  It provides us with the starting point but by itself its far from sufficient.

Lets not forget that our original intention was and still is the removal of many specific undesirable effects.  We want our improvement efforts to lead to an environment where instead of these undesirable effects their opposites the corresponding desirable effects will exist.  We should check if the initial injection leads to the specified desirable effects. Thus assuming the existence of the injection and relying on well known cause and effect relationships we should predict the unavoidable outcome build the future reality tree.

Usually the original injection turns out to be insufficient but the process of building the future reality tree leads to the missing elements to figuring out what additional injections are needed in order to reach the desired outcome.

Bearing in mind that too often a brilliant idea turns sour that too many times the medicine is more harmful than the disease we should also carefully  check that  the  solution will not cause new devastating undesirable effects. These additional efforts complete the solution the set of things that should be injected into our environments.