What is a Negative Branch Reservation (NBR)?

A negative branch reservation is a cause and effect analysis that proves how one entity leads to a negative outcome.  NBR is usually associated with the analysis of a concern to do with a solution.  A concern has been raised ~ "this bright idea might lead to more problems than it solves".   Usually the NBR starts from a positive effect and then at some point it turns negative.  There are 3 objectives of a negative branch analysis: firstly, to identify if the suspected negative outcome is real, secondly, if it is real, to try and find ways to cut the negative branch and thirdly if it is not possible to cut the negative branch, to make the inventor reconsider the direction of the solution and to consider looking for a new starting point.

This graphic illustrates a negative branch of an UDE.  The difference between an UDE NBR and a more usual NBR is that the backbone of the usual form is a prediction of effects rather than a backbone of effects that exist now.