What is a Transition Tree (TrT)?

The action plan

We know where we stand having identified the core problem causing most of the undesirable effects.  We know where we want to be: having determined the injections that will result in the desired outcome. We also outlined the milestones of the journey the logically sequenced intermediate objectives. All the ground work has been done but if we do not act reality will stay the same.

In determining the needed action attention should not be on what we plan to do but on what we want to accomplish.  Thus the “backbone” of the transition tree is the detailed description of the gradually evolving change that we envisage will occur in reality.  The ribs are the action needed to unavoidably cause that gradual change until the objectives are met.

This method forces to carefully examine which actions are really needed and if they are sufficient to guarantee the required change.  Too often we rely on a set of actins just because “it’s the thing to do” without checking whether they fit our particular situation.

But above all putting the gradual changes as the backbone of the plan provides the safety net which is essential when planning for the future.  Simply the important thing becomes the causing of a specific change in reality rather than sticking to a specific action just because we have planned to take it.